Characteristic Custom-made Catering Service
Brand positioning: a one-stop, all-round, high-quality nationwide leading catering chain brand
Service philosophy: normalized well-trained senior service team, countless times of elaborate design over 10 years, and continuous progress with the times
Every step, every second, we tend to your heart feelings
F1 day service: banquet or party service for less than 500 people reserved before 10:00 a.m. can be realized at 3:00 p.m. of the same day
Boutique Annual Meeting As the benchmark of Chinese event catering, depending on its rich practical experience in large party catering, LINESUN has a SOP (controlled document). We can undertake “one-stop” catering service of distinct procedure and exquisite style for large events of 10,000 people in the whole China. Anytime, anywhere, LINESUN will provide careful and sincere service for you with our advanced and complete equipment and facility system, new and shiny linen and utensils.