Characteristic Custom-made Catering Service
Brand positioning: a one-stop, all-round, high-quality nationwide leading catering chain brand
Service philosophy: normalized well-trained senior service team, countless times of elaborate design over 10 years, and continuous progress with the times
Every step, every second, we tend to your heart feelings
F1 day service: banquet or party service for less than 500 people reserved before 10:00 a.m. can be realized at 3:00 p.m. of the same day
Equipment Rental LINESUN advocates environmental protection and rational utilization of resources, and provide large banquet equipment and facilities.
To share resources with hotels, conventions & exhibitions, and public relation planning companies.
LINESUN has equipment and facilities for 10,000-people banquets.
Such as German banquet insulated cold & hot vans, star-level buffet stoves, hotel banquet dinning-tables, and chairs and linen.
Tableware lease,catering equipment lease,awning room lease ,generator lease, light acoustics as one-stop service provided.
LINESUN is your partner to hold successful banquets.
Our service suits hotel restaurants, conventions & exhibitions, event planning companies, etc.